Jaclyn Hoying

Realtor ®

Jackie Hoying's presence in Glasshouse Realty Group exemplifies a commitment to excellence in the real estate industry. Covering multiple local counties demonstrates a broad reach and a dedication to serving a diverse clientele. Jackie's problem-solving mindset and top-notch communication skills undoubtedly enhance the home buying or selling process for her clients, ensuring that their needs are understood and met effectively. With professionals like Jackie at the helm, clients can trust that they're in capable hands, making their real estate journey smoother and more successful.

Jackie has a wonderful balance in her life, prioritizing quality time with loved ones and embracing the beauty of nature. Family time, especially with her husband and three sons, keeps her quite busy, but also fulfilled. And there's something special about sharing meals and adventures outdoors—it really can work wonders for the soul, creating lasting memories and strengthening bonds. It's refreshing to see someone in a demanding profession like real estate making time for what truly matters outside of work.

If you are thinking of buying, selling, or investing in real estate— Call, text, or email Jackie Hoying at 937.726.1120 or Jackie.hoying@gmail.com