Jessica Bettinger

Realtor ®

Meet Jessica Bettinger, renowned as the Springfield Real Estate Darling, a seasoned Realtor with an impressive 20-year track record in the housing industry. Holding the title of Accredited Staging Professional, Jessica specializes in expertly staging listings to deliver more value for her customers. Moreover, she boasts certification as a Certified International Property Specialist for her global clientele.

Prior to joining forces with Glasshouse and the dynamic Dayton Real Estate Crush team, Jessica honed her skills at Coldwell Banker Heritage, where her outstanding performance consistently earned her achievement awards from both the DABR and the OAR. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Jessica is driven by a passion for building community and advocating the value of homeownership as a potent means of building personal and family wealth. This passion forms the foundation of her approach to the intricate, ever-changing landscape of Real Estate.

Jessica's keen interest extends to older and vintage homes, green building initiatives, and the revitalization of post-industrial neighborhoods, which she actively supports outside her profession. Volunteering plays a significant role in her life, engaging with diverse individuals in areas such as art, architecture, literacy, and horticulture. Jessica believes that these activities weave the fabric of a safe, diverse, and inclusive community.

Adding a personal touch, Jessica often involves her grandson in her volunteer work, imparting the values and joys associated with community impact. Amidst her busy schedule of listings, showings, and closings, Jessica's wit and dry humor shine through in occasional social media reels. Her ironic perspective challenges viewers to see the world clearly, albeit through a different and often satirical lens.