Lisa Manz

Realtor ®

During my career I’ve been in the market for my first home, my dream home, a vacation home, rental home and everything in between. You can rely on me to guide you through your home buying and selling process. I understand the importance of trust and looking out for my clients' best interest, which is exactly what I am committed to doing for you. 

Throughout my years of selling homes I’ve learned how to make your house feel like a home to potential buyers, and how to sell your home for the highest possible price that the market will allow. When you list your home with me, you are getting a commitment of hard work, loyalty and prompt communication. 

As a buyer’s agent I know the value of a dollar. I’m committed to helping you locate your ideal home and negotiate the best possible price. My team has resources to get you from contract to closing with Mortgage Lending, Insurance and Title. My success as a buyer’s agent is measured by your satisfaction, so my goal is to help you buy the home you want and deserve for the best possible price.

Let's get started by calling me at 937-266-2448 or email me at