Michelle Johansen


Being of great service to people has always been my passion. I’ve grown up in Dayton since 1989 when

my Dad was stationed here at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. My family and I had moved many times

from around the world, but Dayton became our true Home. I saw the many communities around me

grow and evolve over the years from little shops to large malls and planned developments. Always

appreciating the unique aspects that still give us our small hometown feel, no matter how much we

grew. I started working early on to earn my first few bucks in retail, restaurant, and client service-related

roles. Using my education and early job skills, I worked several years in the mortgage industry, business

development in restoration and construction, and a bit of IT. However, I knew in my heart, my calling of

service was to real estate. Working with everyday folks to find their dream homes, fulfilling unique real

estate needs, and being their trusted advisor, gives me such pride. I work hard to make sure each of my

clients’ real estate experiences are filled with good outcomes, compassion, quick problem solving,

expert advice, and excellent communication. I look forward to working with you on your real estate