Nick Harrist

Realtor ®

Hello! My name is Nicholas Harrist. Born in Oxford, OH and raised in a small village called New Paris, OH. Currently married to my lovely wife Elaina and currently a happy dog and cat parent as well to Pepper and Beans. As for hobbies/interests, I do enjoy eating great food (as hopefully everyone is) and travelling as well. 
Real Estate is something that I've always been interested in for quite some time. Whenever Elaina and I purchased our first home, I instantly was interested in how the process works from the agents perspective. So I did a lot of research, talked with other realtors and decided to pull the trigger and have never been happier! I think being a real estate agent is beautiful because we're making the biggest decision of your life more comfortable, easier and downright safer which was the main focal point of why I decided to get into real estate as well.