Tonya Thomason

Realtor ®

I grew up in Texas and Kentucky, and have lived in Ohio for about 15 years or so.  I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BS in Hospitality Management and a minor in business.  I worked in the hotel/restaurant industry through college and continued.  I have always been a people person, and I am so drawn to the hospitality part of it all.  I love making people feel comfortable and happy.  So, some of my regulars from the most recent restaurant thought I would be a great realtor because of my eye for really paying attention to people's wants and needs and noticing the unspoken needs oftentimes.  Anticipating the needs of those I am serving is something I pride myself on.  They believed in me so much that they actually paid for me to go to real estate school.  :)  I am so glad they believed in me because I love my job.  Getting to meet new people and help them through the real estate journey is such an honor for me.  Knowing they have chosen me because I am a trusted REALTOR, friend, advisor, counselor, endless resource, and more reasons makes me want to do better every day for my friends.  I am a great outside of the box thinker, so that helps so much with my negotiating skills and overall success when it comes to helping my clients. 


I LOVE dogs.  All animals really.  I just started volunteering at Our Farm Sanctuary in Tipp City.  I have an old dog named D.O.G (de-o-gee . If you know me, you know about her.  She is my best pal! I also love visiting local breweries for the annual Dayton Ale Trail with my fiancé, going to festivals, and I am always up for some good food! I LOVE Dragons Baseball, escape rooms, and traveling, but anything with good people is a good time for me!